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How to tie a shoelace in 2 seconds

I really like this one. I saw it on line a few times but the demonstration was too fast for me to get it sooooo, I’ve slowed it down to make it easier. This is great party trick!

How to epublish on Kindle


Here is a step by step guide of how to epublish on kindle. This is for anyone who has always wanted to publish a book but didn’t know where to start. Forget about finding a publisher. Now you can have your book or books published in no time flat! Check out the video.


How to do reverse keyword searches


Have you ever wondered how to find out what keywords are being used to get to the top of Google and other search engines? Well Google used to offer a free tool, but as I just found out it is no longer available. While searching the web I came across Profit Keyword Spy Tool. It’s a really exciting way to increase your web traffic.

How to get to the top of google


A great SEO product that will get you to the TOP of Google no matter what keywords you are using. This is the ideal traffic builder for anyone looking to increase traffic to their website. If you don’t believe it just check out the video. TrafficMice.

How to use the Nanguang 160 LED video lighting


In building my studio I came across this LED video light made by Nanguang. Here is a video of my thoughts on the product.



How to fix the red screen on you ipad

How to generate a fake identity


This is a useful tool for site testing. The fake name generator is totally legal (as long as you don’t use it for illegal purposes). You can pick a gender and a country, the site does the rest. George Costanza would have loved this.

How to make money using twitter


I figured that I would share this because I like how he kind of explained it. Mostly I just liked the fact that he had the American flag in the background.

How to convert your blog into an eBook

blogtoebook Turn your wordpress blog into an e book. Now you can take your blog content and convert it into an ebook that can be sold around the world. How cool is that? Share your knowledge with people across the planet. This powerful wordpress plugin will convert your blog into an e book! Check it out.