20 Simple Life Hacks

That crocodile life hack sure came in handy!……………. Iwas just sitting here watching the video when out of nowhere a crocodile started chasing me. Luckily i was able to zig zag and run away from it thanks to you!

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The #FranLoverShow Episode 12: DJ Hurricane

On this episode Fran Lover talks to DJ Hurricane (Beastie Boys, Afros, Run DMC) about how he got his start in the music business classic Hip Hop stories from childhood to world tours and what he’s doing now with his new show ...

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Lecrae freestyles at Hot97

Lecrae talked about his success, his beliefs in God, and revealed a shocking story of how being molested as a child opened up his eyes to everything + Freestyles! CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE:

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How to deal with Nigerian scam artists

I have done similar things in the past but James Veich is the master. This British man’s email exchange with a scammer escalated hilariously. Introducing ‘Scamalot’, a new weekly series from Mashable! Subscribe for new episodes every Friday:  

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Trip Lee Manolo ft Lecrae (Official Video)

“Manolo” (feat. Lecrae) [Intro: Trip Lee] Yessir Gawvi, get ’em Why we do it? Why we do it?[Hook:] I do it for the turn up Got that ammo locked and loaded I ain’t talking about no burner Flip a page, I’ll explode itGot ...

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